What is Sigfox id?

Sigfox id is a unique set of information including credentials that can be shared between compatible Sigfox services to give you a friction-less experience between them (should you have access to them of course).

How does Sigfox id work?

If you associate your Sigfox id with multiple compatible Sigfox services, you will be able to sign in all of them with the same unique set of credentials (email+password) registered in your Sigfox id.

Why did you implement Sigfox id?

We are introducing new services and it was time for us to offer you the most seamless experience between most of them. It is also an improvement for user management security.

What is the list of sigfox services that can be associated to a Sigfox id?

As of August 2017:
  • backend.sigfox.com
  • connect.sigfox.com
  • partners.sigfox.com
  • buy.sigfox.com
  • build.sigfox.com

You will also be able to identify a service using Sigfox id thanks to the dedicated logo next to the login or signup pages.
Reminder: you can only associate a Sigfox id to a service you already have access to. Please refers to each service terms and conditions to know how to get access to it.

How do I get a Sigfox id?

As soon as you have an account on one of the listed compatible Sigfox services, your Sigfox id will be automatically created. There are different cases depending on your existing accounts:
  • you have no existing account on any of Sigfox services that can be associated with a Sigfox id : just sign up on the service you want to use, it will automatically create your Sigfox id account.
  • you have one account among the list of Sigfox services compatible with Sigfox id : your Sigfox id has automatically been created with your existing credentials.
  • you already have a Sigfox Partner Network and a Sigfox Connect/Backend accounts using the same email : your Sigfox id has automatically been created and it uses your Connect/Backend password.

I have been invited to create an account on a service compatible with Sigfox id, how do I associate this new account with my existing Sigfox id?

  • 1. Sign in on Sigfox Partner Network.
  • 2. Change your email to the one you use on Backend/Connect in your Profile settings page.
  • 3. Verify your email.
  • 4. Log out and then log in with your Backend/Connect credentials.
  • 5. Congrats! Your accounts have been successfully associated with your Sigfox id.

I have a Partner Network account and a Backend/Connect account using different email adresses, how do I associate them with the same Sigfox id?

  • 1. Click on the link in the invitation you have received.
  • 2. Sign up
    • a. if you can, type your email address associated with your Sigfox id. Your account will be automatically associated with Sigfox id.
    • b. If you can't, finish the sign up process.
      • i. Edit your profile with your Sigfox id email and verify it.
      • ii. Log out from the service and log in with your Sigfox id.
      • iii. Congrats your account is successfully associated with Sigfox id.

My Partner Network password is not working, what should I do?

If you already have a Connect or Backend account using the same email address, please use your Backend password. If it doesn't work, reset it.

None of my passwords work, what should I do?

Try to connect on Connect or Backend, should it work, please try the working password on Sigfox Partner Network. Otherwise, on the log in screen, click on "I forgot my password" and follow the steps.

What happens if I change my password on one of sigfox services using Sigfox id?

You will need to use this new password on all sigfox services using Sigfox id. From now on, you will only have one password to remember, and you won't need to create new accounts for new services. Great news isn't it?

What happens if I change my email or my password on a service using Sigfox id?

It will be changed for all services associated with your Sigfox id.

What happens when a service becomes compatible with Sigfox id?

If you already own an account on this service:
  • if your email on the service is the same as your Sigfox id email, the association was made automatically.
  • if your email is different, you will need to change your email on the service to your Sigfox id email

If you don't own an account:
  • Verify the sign up conditions
  • If you are eligible, use your Sigfox id to create your account.
By following these steps your new account will be automatically added to the list of services you can log in with Sigfox id.